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The WSD series has been discontinued, see WSX series for current products.

The WSD wall switch sensor is a reliable work horse available with PIR (Passive Infrared) or PDT (PIR+Microphonics™) detection technology. The WSD sensor has several On Modes and Switch Modes that can be programmed using the front push-button. For rooms with obstructions, the Dual Technology WSD PDT Series sensor is recommended. Additionally, all WSD Family sensors have a patent pending wiring method that enables them to function either with or without a neutral connection. WSD units come pre-configured for wiring without a neutral; however, if connection to neutral is required by code, contractors can convert the unit in seconds.

Standard Features

  • Passive Dual Technology (PDT) utilizes PIR/ MicrophonicsTM detection
  • Miswire protection, reversible line & load connections • Convertible neutral
  • Digital PIR detection - excellent RF immunity
  • Small motion detection to 20 ft
  • Self-grounding mounting strap
  • Photocontrol standard (disabled by default)
  • Compatible w/ LEDs, electronic & magnetic ballasts, CFLs, & incandescents
  • Push-button programmable without removing cover plate - adjustable time delays & operating modes
  • Green LED status Indicator 

Microphoics™ Passive dual-technolgy Features

  • Utilizes a microphone to listen for sounds to indicate occupancy. Combined with PIR it increases performance reliability and is effective when line of sight is obstructed (e.g. bathroom stalls).
  • NEC 2011 404.2(c) compliant without a neutral wire. Passive Microphonics™ technology draws less than 0.5ma. Competitors sensors that utilize ultrasonic technology draw in excess of 0.5ma, violating NEC 2011 404.2(c) for current leakage to ground.
  • Convertible neutral for when required.

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